A.bused Pit Bull 2 Mins From Being Euthanized, Workers Try One Last Phone Call

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Love Bug, a 6-month-old Pit Bull puppy, had a very rough start in life. He was not only severely a.bused, but his diseased state spoke tons about the amount of neglect he had endured.


Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube


When a local shelter had rescued him, he was covered in bloody cuts and wounds all over. On top of that, he had severe, scabby mange, and the putrid smell of infections overpowered everyone who went near him.

The shelter workers noticed that the hard life had taken a toll on his spirits. It seemed as if he had submitted to his fate, and was lying in a corner, hoping for his pain to end. With heavy hearts, they decided to take him to the euthanasia chamber.


Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube


However, one of the workers really wanted to give him a second chance. Just minutes before being euthanized, the worker gave a call to Dr. Matt at Vet Ranch. Dr. Matt was moved by Love Bug’s situation, and quickly got in his truck to save the poor pup.


Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube


In this video, we hear Dr. Matt’s incredible account of how he managed to bring back Love Bug from the doors of death. We almost choke up, as we see Dr. Matt change Love Bug’s fate with his love, faith and dedication. Love Bug 2.0 is indeed a miracle! Thank you, Dr. Matt!

Click the video below to watch Love Bug’s heart-touching journey, and how he got his spark back after recovery!

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