This Bus Driver Saw Dogs Freezing In Thunderstorm And Broke The Rules To Bring Them On The Bus

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Thunderstorms can be scary for just about anyone, but they seem to especially put the fright on our dogs.

With huge cracks of thunder rolling in on the heels of blinding white light ripping through the sky, only to come crashing down to earth in a deadly flame, you can only imagine how terrifying it would be to a small, defenseless animal.

That terror is magnified exponentially for the countless homeless dogs that are forced to weather the storm out in the open chaos of mother nature. They have no human to comfort them or any guarantee of a dry, warm space to hunker down in while they wait it out.

The paralyzing amount of fear that homeless stray dogs have to go through during storms like that is absolutely heart-shattering.

A monstrous thunderstorm hit Buenos Ares in Argentina one day while a man was driving his normal route on line 53 when the thunder started rolling in and was quickly followed by a torrential downpour.

While he was driving through the city the bus driver noticed that there were two homeless dogs stuck out in the nasty thunderstorm, and it didn’t look like it was letting up anytime soon.

The two dogs were soaked to the bone and clearly quaking with fear from the loud booms of thunder, but the city transit employee knew there was nothing he could do.

His company had a strict policy that the public was fully aware of; NO ANIMALS ON THE BUS.

Regardless of the fact that he could lose his job, the man still had a heart and it was breaking to watch these innocent, sweet dogs shaking in terror and freezing in the unending battering rain.

Letting his conscious trump his company’s policy, the bus driver pulled to a stop and let the cold, wet dogs on the bus.

The bus driver knew that he was putting his job on the line in a big way, but he didn’t know what else to do.

He just couldn’t leave the dogs all alone out in the horrifying thunderstorm when he knew he could provide them with a safe place to stay while the storm passed that was warm and dry.

When the bus driver let the dogs on the bus, he was probably hoping that people wouldn’t say anything to management but knew his actions were definitely going to draw attention.

Sure enough, passengers that were elated their bus driver was so compassionate to the dogs decided to take some quick photos with their phones.

As the bus driver might have expected, the passengers uploaded their photos to social media, both to sing their driver’s praises, and also to reach out to any other kind-hearted people that might be willing to take the strays in to get them off the cold, lonely, terrifying streets.

While this bus driver had every good reason to worry that he might get fired, he also knew that he was doing the right thing. What he didn’t know, though, was just how grateful everyone would be that he decided to help the homeless dogs out, and we mean everyone.

The random act of kindness the man bestowed on the helpless animals quickly began going viral on social media, and word eventually came round to the bus company’s management team.

To everyone’s surprise, the bus management didn’t come down on the bus driver for doing what he did but, in fact, did just the opposite.

While the company did confirm it’s ‘no-animals-on-the-bus’ policy, they issued a public statementsaying that in an isolated instance like this, it was “an act of solidarity”. The transit company was proud to call this compassionate driver their employee.

The driver for line 53, however, never did step forward to claim all of the public praise he was being given for his good deeds, just going to prove that he really was a hero and an angel to these two sweet dogs in need.

We seriously hope and would like to think that these dogs found good homes that day, and remember if you are looking to get a pet, rescue one that needs your love from a local animal shelter.

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