Bulldog Sulks & Throws A Hilarious Fit When Dad Doesn’t Let Him Get On The Couch

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Bulldogs enjoy a very good reputation among pet lovers as they actively seek human company. When an English Bulldog, Reuben, was adopted into his new family, his parents were warned that he would be needing constant love and attention.

YouTube/Reuben the Bulldog


Staying true to their promise, the family pampers Reuben with their all their love, cuddles and care. One day, Reuben sees his dad relaxing on the couch, so he goes to rest on top of dad, like he usually does.

But dad wants to nap alone today. He denies Reuben his usual couch privilege and that leaves Reuben in a sulky mood. We see Reuben attempt to attract dad’s attention again though soft whines. He even tries to climb on dad, but his short legs fail him. Poor Reuben!

YouTube/Reuben the Bulldog


That’s when Reuben decides to throw a hissy fit. He sulks in the corner while stomping his bed. You can hear the grumpy emotions in his barks as he continues his attention-seeking tantrum. We completely lost it when dad sarcastically remarked that Reuben is actually using his own bed for once!

Click the video below to watch this lovable pooch’s hilarious outburst!

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