Breeder Dumped Him For Having 2 Legs But His New Mom Swears He Has Super Powers

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To the wonderful creatures out there that are born a little ‘different’ — we commend you! Whether you’re human or pet, you’re all warriors.

Meet one of the fiercest little guys to date: Turbo.Roo


Turbo.Roo (Turbo for short) was born without his front legs. Turbo’s breeder knew she couldn’t give him the proper care. Thankfully, he found his way to a vet clinic in Indianapolis where he met his forever mom, vet tech Ashley Looper.

Video Source/The Dodo

While Turbo is undeniably adorable, adopting a dog like him is a big commitment. Since he was such a tiny puppy (that would grow), finding him a cart– a.k.a. doggy wheelchair– proved impossible. So Ashley made some contraptions of her own. One was from a toy helicopter!


However, the D.I.Y. carts didn’t work out so well. Luckily, an aerospace engineer heard about Turbo.Roo and came up with the perfect design for the tiny but mighty pup!


At first, Turbo just mosied about. Then Ashley let out her four-legged pup. Once Turbo watched his big brother run around, he got the hang of it! Did we mention that the cart also lights up in the dark? SQUEEEEE!

This was a turning point for Turbo. The little guy became unstoppable. As he grew, his carts changed to accommodate his size.

While Turbo is considered to have ‘special needs,’ it doesn’t define him. He has a big personality with a voice of his own. If he wants to jump up on the couch, he’s going to do it. As you’ll see in the video below, he’s ABLE-BODIED through and through!

Oh, did we mention he’s also a total mama’s boy? Awwwww!

Turbo.Roo also has a ‘twin’ sis that is also missing her front legs. They are totally inseparable.

Let’s give a huge shout out to all the special needs pups, like Turbo, that continue to amaze us with their strength, their tenacity, and their undeniable cuteness!

Watch Turbo in the video below. We’re sure he’ll win your heart!

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