Brave Pups Know How To Save Their Owner From Drowning

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There is no point in discussing the loyalty a dog feels for their owner. They would do anything for their human companion. A lot of dogs don’t demonstrate a high level of loyalty or compassion for humans, but those who do are trained to perform tasks that ultimate save people’s lives.

The Saint Bernard dogs search for avalanche victims in the Alps, carrying barrels of brandy for avalanche victims to keep them warm. Other dogs were used in all sorts of search and rescue operations, but thus far, we have not seen a Pit Bull dog to be used as a lifeguard dog.

There is a first time for everything they say and in this case, we think that these Thai people will break the ice for Bully dogs to train as lifeguards. They are known for their loyalty to their owners, so they can probably be trained to act in cases of emergency, should their owners find themselves in deep waters.

Both of these dogs show exemplary bravery, when their owner jumps in the water. The fawn colored dog jumps in the water after his human, while the other stays on the platform, waiting for his buddy to drag the human back. Then, he grabs the human by the vest and using his incredibly strong jaws, pulls him up.

Now those are some brave dogs, who didn’t waste any time to save their owner, unlike the Labradors in this other video. When their owner also ‘fell’ into a lake, but they both went ballistic for a while, before jumping in there after him. Courage the Cowardly dog has nothing on them!

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