Boy Wants To Go Sledding, But Grandma Cracks Up When Her Mini Horses Try To Join In

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Winter’s full glory is a breathtaking sight to see. But for kids, frolicking in the white, pristine snow is their primary winter goal. Building a snowman, having snowball fights and of course, sledding – fun and games find a new meaning in winter.


For grandma Marlene, she looks forward to the winter so she can spend time with her grandkids in her White Tail Farm that spans over 100 acres. She also raises adorable foals with her daughter, Holly. One day, after a generous snowfall, the kids decided to go sledding, but their plans didn’t go very smoothly!


The kids suited up and ran to their sleds. But they were amazed to see more than a dozen young, miniature horses that had been roaming the pasture where they wanted to sled. Apparently, they wanted to join in the sledding fun as well!



Grandma couldn’t hold in her laughter as she saw the hilarity ensue. The horses began following her grandson, prancing around him with merriment. She recorded this funny turn of events on her phone, where we can also see some of the foals nudging at Marlene’s little granddaughter on the side to get her to play!

Click the video below to watch this mini-adventure and grandma’s contagious laughter!

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