Bloodhound Puppy Joins Police Force, But Is Officially (And Adorably) Sworn In First

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The missing child task force in southeastern Pennsylvania recently added a new member to their team – one with a wet nose, floppy ears, and sad puppy-dog eyes.

The team took on Prince, a three-month-old bloodhound! As a new K-9 officer in the West York Borough Police force, he had to be officially sworn in (of course).

Source: USA Today / YouTube

The puppy placed his paws on a Bible and waited for the judge to begin the ceremony. Prince seemed to know that this was serious business!

“So do you swear or affirm?” asked the judge in the USA Today video…before giving in and telling the Mayor to hand the pup a treat.

Source: USA Today / YouTube

The local community was responsible for Prince’s addition to the force. They even donated $10,000 for his pick-up and delivery! The puppy will soon be saving lives while working on the Missing Child Task Force, or York County Child Abduction Response Effort Team.

But first, he needs to meet the team and begin a year of training.

Source: USA Today / YouTube

Lou the bloodhound was his predecessor, but recently retired. Now, he’ll be relaxing at home while Prince works hard to help the lives of children.

He has some pretty big pawprints to fill, but he seems up for the task!

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