Blind Dog Lived A Real Life Horror Movie Until A Valiant Woman Stepped In

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They say love is blind and one need not look further than a precious Pit Bull named Bear. Although he has no eyes, he sees with his heart, with love for his family in Pennsylvania. Bear didn’t always have a good life, and some are surprised he is even alive today.

At the tender age of one year, Bear and his sisters were out running free in Trenton, New Jersey, when he was struck by a car. The driver left him there and sped away from the gas station parking lot.

Source: bear.the.blind.pit/Instagram

“He looked like something out of a sick horror movie,” Katie Frame, Bear’s new mom, told The Dodo.

Because Bear’s owner could not afford medical treatment or surgery, she relinquished the dog to the vet’s care. Bear sat waiting for three days for help, and his eyes had to be removed.

From there, the dog landed in Rawhide Rescue, who promised to pay for his care if the dog had a home to go to.

Source: bear.the.blind.pit/Instagram

Katie’s mom happened to work at this hospital, and after much discussion with the family, they decided to adopt sweet Bear!

Katie shared, “In all honesty, it does not seem to bother him one bit. He runs around like a mad dog when he’s playing with his ball (the ball makes noises when it’s moving and he just loves it so much).”

Source: bear.the.blind.pit/Instagram

This adorable dog with a rough start to life now spends his days playing with his pal, Reese, a Golden Retriever.

Katie felt before Bear that she was wasting her life, but now says, “I feel like I have purpose. He has significantly improved my life.”

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