Blind, Deaf Dog Smells Her Dad Returning Home, And It’s Unimaginably Adorable

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They say when you lose one of your senses, your other senses become heightened. So, what do you think happens when you lose TWO of your senses and you’re a dog? The answer – your sense of smell goes through the roof!

Facebook/The Dodo


In this adorable video, we see a blind and deaf dog waiting for her dad to return home. Although she can’t see or hear, her sense of smell does the magic for her and she smells her dad from a mile away!

Christine Bray recorded this video of her blind, deaf dog’s reaction when she senses her dad’s return. This bundle of joy can’t control her excitement, and like a dog with all senses, she leaps at her dad and welcomes him home with hugs and kisses galore! How cute!

Facebook/The Dodo


Even though she’s been handed tough cards in life, this dog sure knows how to live life to the fullest. She lets nothing stop her from showing her love towards her dad, and we can’t help but fall in love with this cutie!

Click the video below to watch this amazing dog with her amazing sense of smell!

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