Blind Border Collie Reunites With Distraught Owner After Emotional Sea Rescue

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What started as a fun adventure at the beach for a man and his Border Collie ended with both man and his dog nearly perishing in the waters.

Source: Facebook/Emma Allum Cowing

In the beautiful English countryside sits a small coastal town called Lepe. It is here that Mark Cowing, 55 years old, and his blind Border Collie went to the beach for a fun day.

Cowing told BBC News that the dog “took it in his head to swim to the Isle of Wight.” The man had to go in and try to rescue the dog, who was being swept away by the strong current.

Source: Facebook/Emma Allum Cowing

Thankfully, a Coast Guard helicopter was able to assist in rescue efforts and found the dog struggling almost 700 feet from shore. They were able to direct a crew on the ground to assist the frantic pooch.

“Luckily a gentleman of 71, I didn’t get his name, came out in his kayak and dragged me to shore,” Cowing said.

Source: Facebook/Emma Allum Cowing

The dog lost his sight years earlier due to cataracts. Thanks to the fast thinking of rescue crews, the man and his pup were saved. What a dramatic rescue with a happy ending for all!

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