Beagle Reunited With Family After 6 Years Missing

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Tears, so many tears! Grab a box of tissues, you’ll need it when you see this.

It was hard not to get emotional when I saw this family’s emotional reunion with their missing dog Maisy. Six years had past since Maisy went missing. She had been out playing with the Helland family’s young children in the woods and got lost.

The family searched frantically for their dog but with no luck. Parker Helland was just 4 years old at the time and prayed every night for a year for Maisy to return. But she didn’t and the family thought they had lost their beloved Beagle forever.

Flash forward six years and the family got an unexpected call from Young Williams Animal Center. They had Maisy and could they come and pick her up? The family was stunned.

Now 12 year old, Maisy had an incredibly emotional reunion with her family. Maisy was well looked after over the years, and April Helland noted that Maisy is the same sweet dog. She said, “She still does it, when you pick her up, she’ll just lay back like this and be so sweet.”

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