A Barbaric Monster Taped His Mouth Shut, But This Dog Managed To Find A Happy Ending

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The c.ruelty that some people show animals can make your stomach turn and skin crawl. It’s a needless act…and causes an innocent creature so much pain and suffering.

On February 26, 2019, Lee County Domestic Animal Services discovered an a.bused dog in a terrible situation. They received a call about a dog wandering the Lehigh Acres neighborhood.

When the team finally located the poor pup, it broke their hearts.

Source: Zooland / YouTube

The dog had electrical tape wrapped around its mouth multiple times, restricting the snout in such a way where he couldn’t eat, drink or even breathe.

The Florida Cur mix was in trouble and needed help — fast.

Source: Zooland / YouTube

The terrified dog also had open wounds of unknown origin on his legs and chest. It was clear that whatever human harmed him simply wanted to see him suffer. He was near d.eath.

Since he was basically suffocating, so the team rushed him to an emergency vet clinic so that the tape could safely be removed and his wounds treated.

Source: Zooland / YouTube

Sheriff Carmine Marceno fell in love with the a.bused dog and knew he had to adopt him, even before he was available. He named him Chance, knowing he had a second chance at life.

Source: Zooland / YouTube

The good boy was taken into the sheriff’s home. After recovering, he joined the Pets on Patrol team and became a representative of the police department.

He accompanied his new dad to speaking engagements and presentations, embracing a life so unlike the one he had before.

Source: Zooland / YouTube

Lee County Sheriff’s Office was also happy to have Chance be a part of the team. He represented the authorities and engaged with the community, becoming a beloved deputy.

His new dad was determined to catch the individual who was responsible for Chance’s a.buse. So, he didn’t give up until the culprit was found.

“Over 70 percent of the people who a.buse animals will eventually a.buse a human being,” Marceno said via CBS Local. “If you hurt an animal in this county you will go to jail.”

Source: Miami CBS Local

Weeks after Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno adopted Chance, he announced the arrest of 18-year-old Oscar Lee Thompson III. Animal a.busers belong behind bars; not only have they hurt innocent creatures, but their actions could escalate to attacks on humans, as well.

The authorities did right by sweet Chance, but not every a.bused dog gets the same opportunities. Hopefully, he’ll be a good example of how people shouldn’t treat their dogs — and what they can become after serious a.buse.

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