Badly B.eaten Dog Gets Saved And Loves His First Ever Bath

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Rambo the dog has been through more suffering than most people or animals ever experience. But thankfully, he was saved. And now he appreciates all of the things that most of us take for granted.

This story begins with Rambo lying in a waste ground, struggling to breathe.

He had been dumped onto the floor by his previous owners. They were the runners of an underground dogfighting ring.

These owners had forced Rambo to fight other dogs every single week. He never wanted to hurt another soul, but people had made him do terrible things.

Eventually, Rambo’s luck ran out, and it looked like he wasn’t going to recover from his last fight.

Who knows what was going through the dog’s mind as he laid out in the sun?

But luckily, a woman approached him. Rambo glanced at Casey Lawrence and whined.

Would this lady hurt him as his owners had, he thought?

But Casey is an incredibly kind person. She picked the dog up and hugged him. Rambo was mutilated badly, but this didn’t bother her. She had to show the creature some love and affection.

She put the dog in her car and drove to the nearest vet.

Casey arrived at Baxter Veterinary Clinic. The vet that treated Rambo had never seen a dog in a more injured state.

There were bite marks covering his body. The vet treated all of these, trying to remove any infections.

But one of Rambo’s back legs had already contracted gangrene. The only way to save the dog’s life was to amputate it.

Over the next few days, no one could tell if Rambo was going to survive. But then came an incredibly positive sign.

The dog started wagging his tail.

And over the next few days, Rambo started doing something amazing to the vets. He would walk up to them and kiss them.

No one expected this. They thought that he might be aggressive, due to his past. But Rambo had a very kind soul. Now he could tell that he was with people who cared for him. And he just wanted to say thank you back.

As the days passed, Rambo became even more friendly.

Casey, the woman who first found him, kept on visiting the dog. She noticed that every time she would leave, he would lift up his paw, asking her to come back and stay longer.

But the most adorable thing happened when the vet bathed Rambo for the first time.

Many dogs hate having baths. But Rambo loved it! It was clearly the first time that he’d ever had a bath in his life. He felt the warm water cleansing the still painful bite marks over his body.

The vet scrubbed him, and he loved that even more! Instead of someone being violent to Rambo, someone was actually pampering him for the first time in his life!

Rambo is still at the vet but, soon he will be ready to find a foster parent and forever home.

With the love and affection that he gives to anyone who is kind to him, it should be easy for him to find a parent!

And the police are investigating whoever it is who’s running the dogfighting ring in Rambo’s town. The police have been able to gather a range of clues from where Casey first found Rambo. Hopefully, these people can be brought to justice in the near future.

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