When Their Baby Starts Crying, Their Bullmastiff Does A Selfless Act To Comfort Him

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Bonnie Michalek and her husband adopted Brutus in 2016, and ever since he’s been very attached to them and wants to spend all his time with them.



Brutus is a big loveable goofball who loves to take naps in weird positions, run around, and generally have a good ol’ time. He is also a very intuitive dog. When Bonnie got pregnant, Brutus suspected even before Bonnie did, and started acting extra-protective of her.



Soon Bonnie gave birth to her son, Kayden. Even though they knew Brutus loved kids, they chose to be careful when introducing the two. They were relieved when Brutus immediately began showering Kayden with kisses. The love he showed for his new brother melted their hearts. They knew this was the beginning of an amazing relationship.



But nothing prepared their hearts for what Brutus did one day. Whenever Kayden would cry, Brutus would approach him and try to calm him. But then one day, Brutus thought of something else that touched the hearts of Bonnie and her husband.



Brutus brought over his favorite toy, which his mom calls the “fluffball”, and gently placed it next to Kayden. Brutus was very possessive of this toy and never let go of it for anyone. But he did for Kayden, and it immediately calmed Kayden down.

This loving gesture has now become a routine in their house. Whenever Kayden cries, Brutus brings over fluffball and gives it to Kayden. If that doesn’t bring happy tears to your eyes, I don’t know what will!



We know Brutus and his little brother are going to have the best relationship ever! Every kid needs a dog growing up, and with a dog like Brutus in their lives, their childhood is going to be filled with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Click the video below to watch the beautiful moment when Brutus meets Kayden for the very first time!

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