Baby Moose Strikes Up Friendship With Dog, Moose’s Reaction is Sheer Joy

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Moose, meet pooch; Pooch, meet moose. Two unlikely friends are capturing the hearts of the Internet and inducing a whole lot of feels. A baby moose and a German Shepherd formed an adorable bond during a chance encounter caught on camera.

Source: Shannon Lugdon/Facebook

Leo the dog, of Wallagrass, Maine, was outside in his backyard when a charming baby moose wandered onto the property. The dog’s mom, Shannon Lugdon, was letting Leo out for his morning business when the pint-sized sweetie appeared.

“I let Leo out to do his business and he walked right over and Miss Maggie and Leo became fast friends,” Lugdon said. “She followed us around all day begging for attention. You can’t imagine how affectionate she was.”

“Two phenomenal wardens, Adrian and Nick, came over and we helped Miss Maggie back down to the brook in the shade,” Lugdon wrote on Facebook. “She spent the day wandering around by the brook and returning to the spot we think her momma had left her. The wardens asked us not to go near her for 24 hours, wild animals often leave their babies to eat, drink and rest.”

Source: Shannon Lugdon/Facebook

The baby moose, believed to be six days old, was named “Miss Maggie” by Shannon. Wardens came out the following day to take Maggie back to a wildlife park in Maine.

Although Maggie’s stay with the family was brief, the bond was everlasting.

Just look at this wee one on video! Maggie is precious!

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