B.ait Puppy C.ollapses In Front Of Stranger’s House, Homeowner Rushes To Save His Life

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Some people—and puppies–are put on this globe to inspire us to persevere through life’s challenges…

….and you can bet that’s the case with sweet Jax. He’s a five-month-old Pit Bull puppy who survived what many consider impossible odds. Jax, deeply injured, wandered onto someone’s porch and collapses. The homeowner found him and called for help from the Unleashed Pet Rescue, in Topeka, Kansas. They sent crews to scoop him up and rush him in for emergency care, not even sure he would make it to the veterinarian alive. Jax had deep gashes on his face and neck, and his eyes were swollen shut.

The only real sign of life was his wagging tail. Although it didn’t look it, the vet says his prognosis was good. He stitched him up and Jax spent two weeks in intensive care, getting medical treatment and tender loving care. Day by day, Jax gets better and better, and is transformed completely from the puppy near death to one full of life! Jax finds his will to live and recovers completely!

The rescue group helping Jax want us to know they believe he’s the victim of a dog fighting ring. They produced this video to build awareness about the issue, documenting Jax’s journey to recovery, as well. Their main message to us: If you see it, or think it’s happening, report it! To say nothing, to do nothing, stops nothing!

Jax is proof that dogs are being injured by this horrendous hobby and, if he could fight so hard to survive, can’t we fight to stop the organizers of these events?

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