Awesome Dad ‘Rescues’ His Dog’s Favorite Toy That Got Left Outside During A Storm

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Lucky is a dog whose name actually describes him. The adorable little guy hit the jackpot when he found his humans over six years ago and they gave him a stuffed toy that immediately became his most prized possession!

Ever since the stuffed animal was given to Lucky it has gone everywhere with him, and according to his owner, Michaella Wallace, even though the course of time has taken its toll on the toy and it looks nothing like it used to, it doesn’t make an ounce of difference in how Lucky feels about it.

“It has no stuffing left in it anymore and it goes everywhere with him. He plays with it at all times. He protects it like it’s his own baby,” she told The Dodo.

Earlier this year, however, Lucky almost lost the toy that was so precious to him forever.

Lucky was let out to pee one evening in late January, an evening when a snowstorm was about to roll through their area. The sweet dog never goes anywhere alone, though, and automatically grabbed his favorite toy to come with him.

Unfortunately, the two of them were separated somewhere along the way back into the house, and it was too dark to look for the toy with any success…and the snow was coming. When it did come, the stuffed animal had been buried in an icy grave and poor Lucky was sick with worry.

Once all of the snow began to melt away, Michaella’s dad went outside to look for it but when he finally found it, the rain-soaked bear wasn’t looking very good at all.

Once the doggy granddad located Lucky’s favorite stuffed bear and took a look at the damage, he decided he should tell his daughter and sent her a text to let her know the toy might not have made it through the storm.

Source: Michaella Wallace/The Dodo

After he sent Michaella the bad news, he got to thinking about how much Lucky cared about his ragged old toy and decided that there was just no way he could give up on the stuffed bear, for Lucky’s sake.

So, Michaella’s dad lovingly took the bear inside to try and “rescue” his grand-dog’s favorite toy.

Thankfully, as it turns out, the stuffed bear still stood a chance at survival and he saved it just in time. Knowing how worried his daughter must be, he sent her regular updates on the chaotic rescue mission at hand.

Source: Michaella Wallace/The Dodo

Totally into playing the role of toy-bear rescuer, Michaella’s dad spared no amenity to keeping the drenched stuffed animal comfortable while he recovered from his long night in the snow, including creating a small room for the bear to recover in while he absorbed his fake IV drip.

Only once the bear was comfortably tucked into its bed were Lucky and Lacy, his sister, allowed to come in and see Lucky’s beloved toy.

Thanks to his awesome grandpa, Lucky’s best friend was going to make it to see another day with the sweet dog, and Lucky couldn’t be more relieved now that the two are reunited.

“He is fully recovered and happily back with his protector,” Michaella told The Dodo.

Lucky isn’t the only one with good fortune in his family, it would seem. Michaella herself seems to have won the dad lottery in life, as she is no stranger to her dad’s crazy antics. Apparently, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to give his baby girl a good laugh, especially if it will also make his grand-dogs happy!


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