Autistic Boy Scared Of MRI Scan, But Loyal Service Dog Won’t Let Go Of His Side

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9-year-old boy, James Isaac from Wellington, New Zealand, is autistic and has acute troubles communicating with his family. To make things easier for James, his family got him an autism-assistance Black Labrador, Mahe.

Facebook/Michelle Isaac


Mahe’s presence brought a positive change to James’ life, as the world seemed less confusing, and easier to cope with. Mahe sticks by the little boy like a constant companion, protecting him from dangers and comforting him on difficult days.

During one such tough day, James had to go to the Wellington Children’s Hospital for an MRI scan that would help the doctors treat his multiple seizures. But, James was panic-stricken the moment he entered the MRI room.

Facebook/James Isaac/Louise Goossens


Thankfully, Mahe wouldn’t let his little master suffer through this alone. He bravely made way to the hospital bed, and helped James calm down during the screening. Seeing this unbelievable bond of trust, the doctors had no option but to let Mahe stay. Mahe is indeed an angel for a special needs kid like James! We’re in tears..

Click the video to watch James and Mahe’s beautiful bond!

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