After Almost D.ying On Highway, He Couldn’t Stop Smiling In His Shelter Kennel

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When a tiny, frightened puppy was spotted on the side of a major highway, passers by thought it would end tragically. Thankfully, one of the motorists was able to carefully pull off on the side of the road and scoop the puppy up, saving her from a terrible d.eath.

And she couldn’t have been happier.

Source: The Dodo / YouTube

As soon as the sweet little girl made it back to the shelter, she as full of grateful puppy smiles! She completely melted the hearts of the vets and volunteers — who wouldn’t love this face?

Source: The Dodo / YouTube

It seemed she knew that she came very close to losing her life, so had nothing but love and happiness to share with the shelter workers.

It was clear to the staff at the animal shelter that this little girl would find a home very, very quickly.

Source: The Dodo / YouTube

When Nicole and Matthew walked into the rescue where the smiling pup was recovering, they fell in love at first sight! She was so tiny and affectionate; when Nicole picked her up, she nuzzled into her neck and refused to leave. The couple couldn’t bear to leave the shelter without her.

So, they named her Layla and brought her home!

Source: The Dodo / YouTube

The little girl was very young and full of energy, so her new parents wondered how she might fit into their existing pack. Thankfully, after a few messy introductions, Layla became part of the team.

She even has a little partner in crime now; the BFFs do everything together.

Source: The Dodo / YouTube

This grateful pup is still young, but she is doing the best she can to bring joy to the lives of humans. Without them, she would have been hit by a car or lived a short, rough life on the streets. It’s no wonder she couldn’t stop smiling when she was rescued.

She knew what a wonderful life was ahead of her!

You have to see the video of her smiling, your heart will burst.

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