Abused Dog Flees Heartless Owners, Finds Way To The Only Girl Who Ever Loved Him

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Kaylie Stogsdill, from Coyle, Oklahoma, had made friends with Biscuit a long time ago. He always came to her house looking skinny and starving, and she would always feed him and pet him before he would head back home. His sorry state melted her heart, so one day, she reported his case to the police. After that day, she didn’t see Biscuit again, so she assumed the situation was taken care of.

KFOR-TV/News 4


But Biscuit’s days were far from okay. He had the misfortune of being in a neglected and abusive home. It was no surprise that he decided to run away. After escaping, he ran to Kaylie’s doorstep, the only kind person he knew.

Kaylie was horrified to see his unrecognizable state. He was emaciated, his skin sagging from the skull, his rib cage protruding, and there was no body fat or muscle. His ears were filled with infection and debris, and he was covered in fleas.

KFOR-TV/News 4


As his abuse was reported, the owners claimed that Biscuit was a “skinny breed”. But they agreed to surrender Biscuit to avoid charges. Kaylie helped find him a nice foster home where he is recovering and gaining back weight. We hope he never has to see another abusive day in his life again.

Click the video below to watch Biscuit’s painful struggle.

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