Abandoned Senior Dog Hides Under A Car, Waiting For Someone To Notice Her

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Growing older should never mean growing older ALONE. Sadly, for many pets, their owners simply give up on them. Whether it’s for financial reasons or because they just don’t care anymore, pets like Amelia find themselves alone on the streets, frail from age, and at the mercy of the elements.

A call came into Hope For Paws about a German Shepherd who was seeking shelter under a car. She was overheated, scared, and tired. Eldad and his team came, equipped with their famous red leash and cheeseburgers. Once they saw the dog, they realized she was certainly a senior, making street life so much harder for her. The cover of the car’s under-carriage brought some relief from the afternoon sun but now they had to lure her out.

As they worked, tempting her with food for her hungry belly, the dog was very receptive. Like she knew they weren’t just there to feed her… What happened next is so heartwarming! You can’t miss it!

Please SHARE this to remind the world that NO pet is disposable, no matter how old they get, no matter what issues they may have. If, for some reason, you cannot care for a pet, don’t discard them like trash! There are proper channels to go through. Call your vet or local shelter! The streets are NO place for anyone, especially an animal that cannot care for himself!

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