Abandoned Puppy Adorably Reacts To Baby Falling Asleep, And Mom Caught It All On Video

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This precious little mutt was discovered tied up to a fence, completely abandoned. There was no indication of why she was left behind; her humans just didn’t want her.

Thankfully, the family that found her immediately took her in and lovingly named her Callie.

She was believed to be a Pitbull /Catahoula mix. Her lineage wasn’t certain, but one thing was clear: she was an incredibly sweet puppy.

Source: Cute Animals / YouTube

She might have been very young, but she was just as perceptive as full-grown dogs are known to be. Canines can sense many things about humans: if we are sick, fearful, happy, or sad.

So when Callie was introduced to the newest member of the family, she instinctively knew what to do.

Source: Cute Animals / YouTube

Her reaction to the infant could turn anyone into a dog lover.

Source: Cute Animals / YouTube

When Callie approached the sweet sleeping baby, she wasn’t rambunctious or overly playful. In fact, she seemed to mirror the sleeping child’s calm exhaustion.

She cautiously stayed by the baby’s side; soon, her own eyes began to blink heavily.

Source: Cute Animals / YouTube

When she just couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer, Callie gently approached the baby.

She very slowly curled up and placed her soft puppy chin on the sleeping infant next to her.

Source: Cute Animals / YouTube

It was clear that Callie and her new best friend would have a long and happy life together. Nothing is as precious as watching two young ones grow close and grow up together (even if they aren’t the same species).

If only everyone was lucky enough to have a friend like Callie!

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