After 7 Failed Rescue Attempts, Scared Little Dog Is Finally Within Arm’s Reach

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If you’ve seen a Hope For Paws rescue then you know they often go through incredible lengths to save a dog in need. Eldad and his team stop at nothing to help stray dogs so they have a chance at a real life. After trying to rescue this little dog 7 different times with no success, the team went back again. Will the 8th time be successful?

Eldad calmly followed the dog as she made her way down the street. But she ran away… fast! Then he tried luring her towards them by bringing one of their other rescue dogs named Sephora. Maybe she would be better with other dogs since she clearly feared humans. That didn’t work either. Even setting a humane trap didn’t fool this pup. Rescuing her was proving impossible.

Finally, Eldad got a call informing him of where the stray pup liked to sleep. He went there with his crew and famous red leash. They used blankets, towels and baby gates to protect the perimeter in case she bolted again. Then, Eldad went into her little hiding spot deep in the brush.

The pup was so fearful of humans that she couldn’t even look at them. What happened to this poor baby to make her hate humans so much?

Will Hope For Paws finally save the little pup? Will she finally get to see that not all humans are bad? You’ll just have to watch the video below to find out!

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