40 Animals And Counting Have Been Saved, Thanks To One Inspiring Little Boy

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From the time that we are young, some of us are lucky to know what are calling in life is. With this gift, we use our talents, our ambitions, and our heart to propel ourselves into the direction in which we want to take our lives. For Ken, a ten-year-old boy living in the Philippines, he knew from a very young age that he wants to dedicate his life to saving animals. With this dream, he created an idea to start his own animal rescue, calling it the Happy Animals Club.


via happyanimalclub.org

slide_349458_3738233_freevia happyanimalsclub.org

A photo that went viral in February 2014 of Ken feeding a group of starving stray dogs:

street01via happyanimalsclub.org

In 2014, Huffington Post featured a story on this amazing young boy, telling of his rescues and fulfilling his life’s calling of helping animals in need. Many of the animals that Ken rescued were in severely poor health, many with a small chance of survival. Ken refused to give up, and the transformations are simply incredible:

This is Hyena, who was terrified on her first day at the club:

Hyena Before

Hyena After

This is Ceiling, Ken named her this because she was discovered in the ceiling of a vet clinic:

Ceiling Before

Ceiling After

And the transformation here of these 6 puppies is truly remarkable:









It was important to Ken that this place be a safe haven for animals, no kill and non-profit–just a place for animals who need love and care from a kind person willing to give it. And once he’s gotten these animals healthy again, he does everything in his power to make sure that they are placed with loving, forever homes.

The place that his dreams were made of comes to fruition:

lot02via happyanimalsclub.org

lot01via happyanimalsclub.org

slide_349458_3738106_freevia happyanimalsclub.org

If you’d like to show support for Ken and his astounding efforts, please visit his website: Happy Animals Club

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