4 Dogs Block Traffic, Drivers Realize They’re Guarding The Body Of A Friend K.illed By A Car

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In many parts of the world, stray dogs roam pretty much everywhere. Because they are pack animals, they develop fiercely loyal friendships. They depend on one another for food, companionship, and a warm body to sleep beside. They are just as devoted to each other as we are to our families.

Sadly, this bond can come with heartbreaking consequences. A YouTube video posted by IGSVEN OFFICIAL shows how far an act of loyalty can go.

A dog, hit by a car, is laid out in the middle of the road in central China. Traffic can be seen going around the dog’s body. The sad scene is amplified by the deceased dog’s protectors: Four pack mates guard him and wait for him to “wake up.” The dogs can be seen nudging him, trying to wake him up but it’s no use. He’s gone.

The dogs continue to watch over his body, loyal to the end. They literally stop traffic, forcing cars to go around them while they stand vigil.

According to eyewitnesses, the dogs waited (and waited) for their friend to wake up. Dogs, like humans, can exhibit deep empathy, experience traumatic pain and feel a deep sense of loss. Losing a companion can change the course of their lives, sometimes indefinitely.

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