31 Shelter Dogs Who Are Really, Really Excited About Being Adopted

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The day a shelter dog gets adopted is one of the happiest days of its life. No matter where an animal came from or what it’s been through, suddenly it knows that better times are ahead.

You can see the joy of an adopted shelter dog just by looking at its furry face. Here are 31 lucky pups on the day they headed out to their forever homes!

When shelter dogs are adopted, their lives change forever.


Instagram / athena_the_brave

Suddenly, they’re headed somewhere unknown… 


…but they can tell it’s somewhere good.

adopteddog3Instagram / rodrigo_bully

For these dogs, this is the day that someone chose them


No more wondering, no more waiting.

adopteddog10Instagram / thenorsedog

These pups are finally about to get what they’ve always wanted:

adopteddog5Imgur / Firepaw1120

A place where they can feel safe…

adopteddog11Instagram / koolie_dog_rikku

…surrounded by the love and comfort they deserve.

adopteddog4Instagram / lunatheborderaussie

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