3 Dogs Get Anxiety When Separated, So Shelter Found The Brothers A Single Home

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Christmas came early for three abandoned Saint Bernard brothers, who’ve managed to find themselves a forever home this winter! This is a Christmas story you’ll love!

Facebook/Edmonton Humane Society


When Edmonton Humane Society received the trio of Saint Bernard brothers, named Gunther, Goliath and Gasket, they noticed the dogs became anxious when they were separated from each other.

So the shelter took on the task of finding the brothers a single family who could adopt this 2-year-old trio together. Out of the hundreds of applications they received, they found the perfect family in Calgary. What also helped the family was that Calgary bylaws don’t limit the number of dogs per home.

Instagram/Edmonton Humane Society


The trio, who had become famous as “The 3 Gs”, now play around in the snow in their new home, and they’re showered with immense love and attention from their new family. They will end up being over 200 pounds each when they are fully grown!

Facebook/Edmonton Humane Society


The brothers do everything together. They love watching moose together from the window, and love eating treats side-by-side. We’re so happy they found a home together. It’s indeed a Christmas miracle for these cuddly pooches!

Facebook/Edmonton Humane Society


According to this Facebook post by the Edmonton Humane Society, this is what their new family had to say about them:

“The boys are doing awesome. Their personalities are shining through and all having a blast. Gunther is the trouble maker of the three. No food is safe on any counter. He likes to pull Goliath in on some shenanigans as well. Gasket is the most determined one to get all the love. Doesn’t matter who you are petting, he’s going to muscle anyone out. They’re getting ran four times a day, treats, and most of all, love.”

This Christmas, we wish that ALL animals get adopted and find forever homes filled with love!

Click on the video below to watch these three brothers’ Christmas adoption story!


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