2 Railway Workers Leap From Train To Save Animal Buried In Snow

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Buried up to her neck, struggling to get out, and not a soul in sight, a helpless animal found herself covered deep in thick snow with a very bleak outcome. Fortunately, two modern-day superheroes were in the right place at the right time.

Employees of the Austrian Federal Railways were out clearing snow off the train tracks at a park in central Austria. Two of the men spotted something struggling in the snow.

Source: YouTube

It wound up being a goat-antelope called a chamois. Two of the men leaped from the train with shovels to start the heroic rescue.

With every second passing, they furiously and carefully dug before finally freeing the scared chamois.

Source: YouTube

According to authorities of the railways, the train engineer saw the animal, but the goat refused to move. The train honked repeatedly but it would not get out of the way. The train ended up covering the poor animal up to its neck in snow.

Watch the fast and furious rescue in the heart-pounding video below.

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