2 Puppies With Their Muzzles Bound With Hair Ties Are Finally In Loving Arms

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A building’s maintenance worker was making repairs to a burst pipe when he came across a foul odor inside an apartment. He was concerned for someone’s safety and knew he had to act. He opened the door and saw a plastic dog crate. The smell was unbearable!

He looked inside the crate and saw two puppies trapped inside in horrible condition. They were covered in urine and feces but what was incredibly odd was that the puppies didn’t make a sound.

Wichita Animal Action League/Facebook

The man looked closer and saw that their noses were red and their little faces were swollen. He noticed that their mouths weren’t opening. He took them out of the crate and made an even more horrifying discovery: Both puppies’ muzzles were sealed shut. Who could be such a monster?!

The man was overwhelmed but knew he had to help. He called his friend who fosters dogs for the Wichita Animal Action League. A volunteer came immediately with animal control officers. They seized the two puppies and took them to the vet.

Wichita Animal Action League/Facebook

The volunteer and animal control officers assumed that the puppies’ muzzles were sealed shut with a wire. They knew it was something tight but when the vet did a thorough examination, he discovered what the sinister material was:

The puppies’ owner used elastic hair ties to seal their muzzles.

Wichita Animal Action League/Facebook

To make matters worse, the hair ties were the kind that are no bigger than a thumb, usually used for smaller kids and hair braiding.

The vet snipped off the tiny bands and the onlookers began to cry. The sounds the pups finally made was gut-wrenching. While the puppies understood they were being helped, they couldn’t help their reactions. The feeling in their face began to return once blood flow came rushing back. The pain was unbearable!

Wichita Animal Action League/Facebook

Had the hair ties remained for just a few hours more, there would have been permanent damage. The vet, and rescuers, were so grateful that the pain was temporary.

The puppies began to settle down, with some help with pain meds. The group went to work on finding them a suitable foster home.


Once the pups were in their new foster home, they made tremendous strides. Their quick healing and forgiving ways were proof, yet again, of how resilient dogs are.

They will be available for adoption soon where they will certainly find a loving home.

Wichita Animal Action League/Facebook

Two innocent puppies, who NEVER harmed anyone, sadly suffered tremendously because someone thought their lives didn’t matter. Luckily a burst pipe, a kind maintenance worker, and the actions of those who stepped in next made it possible for the dogs to get a second chance.

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