2-month-old puppy was burned and t.ortured before being thrown from a moving car

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A nine-week-old puppy is on the mend after he was a.bused, tortured and thrown from a moving car.

When Elle Heaton found him, he was in critical condition, lying lifeless on the ground in a Smyrna neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia.

GoFundMe/Elle Heaton

Heaton rushed the dog to the Village Vets of Buckhead, where vets say they can tell he was thrown from a moving vehicle by his road rash trauma – abrasions on his stomach and feet.

In addition to that, vets believe he suffered through weeks of severe pain before that, since other wounds on his body are older than those. They believe he may have had acid dumped on him or was set on fire. He also has necrosis of the skin from his trauma and will likely need surgery.

GoFundMe/Elle Heaton

He’s been given antibiotics and pain meds, as well as treatment for other issues such as parasites. He is also anemic from either the parasites or blood loss and is being treated for that as well.

Luckily, the wounds are healing well, and although he still has a long road ahead, he is expected to make a full recovery.

CBS 46 Atlanta/Youtube

In the meantime, they’re hoping to find the pup, who is still unnamed, a loving forever home.

Click here for updates on this puppy’s recovery.

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