When 2 Frenchies Fall In The Pool, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Immediately Jumps Into Action

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For most of us, we spend our Labor Day relaxing, eating too much food and enjoying our time off from work with friends and family. When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was spending the holiday with his family, he thought it would be just like any other day. Well, it would have been… if not for the two new additions that Johnson recently added to his family, by the way of two super cute (not to mention, super lucky) French Bulldog puppies.

When the puppies were taken out into the backyard for the very first time to learn how to do their thing, their dog dad thought they would just go out to the grass and naturally go ahead with their business. Little did he know, they had other plans–as not one, but both puppies, walked straight into the pool! Without a clue on how to swim (so much for doggy paddling!), the pups quickly sank. Almost instantly The Rock sprung into action to save the day–but of course, not before forgetting to take his cell phone out of his pocket! That’s one dedicated new dog dad! Take a look at the adorable photo below.


AWWW!! Looks like Brutus and Hobbs are in good hands! Share this funny story with your friends who love stories with happy endings… and wouldn’t mind hearing a cool story about The Rock, too! Oh, and something tells us he’s got the money to buy himself a new phone, no problem. LOL!

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