18-yr-old blind Dachshund is thrown in a k.ill center, cries & prays to be saved

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Muneca, an 18-year-old blind Dachshund, was left shattered when her family dumped her in a k.ill s.helter to get rid of her. She seemed utterly lost and broken when she realized her fate, and confined herself to hopelessly crying in a corner.

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube


When Elaine Seamans, a volunteer at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, LA, found Muneca, she was devastated at the plight of the elderly dog. As she approached Muneca, the heartbroken dog ran to Elaine and hugged her with all her might.

A photographer named John Hwang who would often take pictures of shelter dogs to get them more visibility, was present when Muneca clung to Elaine like her life depended on it. He immediately captured the precious moment and shared it with the rest of the world.

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube


Muneca’s poignant photo garnered a lot of attention, and soon, “Frosted Faces Foundation” saved her from the kill shelter and took her in! Muneca was medically tended to and given a nice foster home to recuperate in.

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube


Among the many adoption applications that the shelter received for Muneca, Amy Gann was picked to provide her with the forever home that she deserved. As we see Muneca being a happy and pampered senior dog in her new home, we know that all her sadness and pain have finally disappeared!

Click the video below to watch Muneca’s journey from the k.ill s.helter to her sweet forever home!

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