18 Starving Dogs Were So Relieved To See Rescuers After Priest Chained Them To Poles

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A Romanian city hall turned to Barking Mad Dog Rescue for help when they caught wind of the unfortunate situation that was occurring at a nearby church.

It turns out that there were 18 dogs chained up to all different poles in the yard of the church, with no food or water. To make matters worse, the chains were so tight around their necks that it was causing them great pain, and the chains were so short that they barely had enough room to lie down.

Barking Mad Dog Rescue

Evidently, a priest at the church had rescued them all off the streets and didn’t know what else to do with them or know how to care for them.

Thankfully, two volunteers from the dog rescue made their way to the church to check out the situation. As soon as they arrived, the dogs’ demeanor completely changed. They were so happy and relieved to finally see people.

Barking Mad Dog Rescue

Some of the dogs wrapped their paws around the rescuers and hugged them. They immediately gave them water and food, which they gladly scarfed down very quickly. By the looks of their skeletal figures, it was obvious that these pups hadn’t eaten for quite some time.

While 18 dogs are a lot, the rescuers made it their mission to save every single one. Since their shelter was full, they knew they couldn’t fit all of them, but they did everything they could to make it work out.

Barking Mad Dog Rescue

They initially took six dogs to their shelter and left the remaining 12 with food and water while they built more enclosures at their shelter to house the rest of them.

Volunteers worked tirelessly to finish the enclosures in just three days and were finally able to rescue the remaining dogs.

Barking Mad Dog Rescue

All of the dogs were underweight and others had different medical issues, but they were all examined and treated by a veterinarian. Despite that and everything they had been through, they were all so friendly and loving.

The dogs will continue receiving treatment and will all be vaccinated and neutered. Once they are fully recovered, they will be available for adoption.

Barking Mad Dog Rescue

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