11 Reasons Why Your Rescue Dog Actually Rescued You

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Dog owners know that when they take rescues home, those dogs may never have had a second chance if it wasn’t for them. And from that victory ride home, your rescue dog becomes a part of your family.

Whether your dog came from your local shelter or humane society, off the streets, or by chance in the strangest of circumstances, this is what we dog rescuers mean when we say that our rescue dogs have actually rescued us:

1. Dogs are like superheroes for the soul. 

If you have the time, money, and patience, a dog will, without a doubt, make your life a zillion times better.

dog superhero

2. They remind you to enjoy the little things in life.

Take a dog for a walk, and you might as well have given him the world. Our dogs’ innate ability to savor the simple things in life reminds us to never take a single moment for granted.

dog enjoy life

3. They show you how easy it is to give gratitude.

With one look and the swish of a tail, you know your dog is over-the-moon grateful for throwing him that ball, tossing him that treat, or just giving him a little attention. Rescues are particularly thankful because you were the one who gave them a second chance at a happy life.

dog happy

4. Their goofy antics multiply your LPDs (laughs per day) times a million.

Every dog has silly mannerisms, tricks, and even expressions. And when they know it makes you happy? Well, they ham it up even more!

dog silly

5. And their happy-go-lucky demeanors dramatically decrease your anxiety.

Even if your pup isn’t exactly picture of tranquility, her “life’s a breeze” attitude reminds you that the world will keep turning even when a bill is late or your boss has been particularly grouchy lately.

dog calm

6. Your dog will always have unconditional, undying love for you.


…even when you feel like the whole world is against you. You are literally the center of your pup’s universe, and on those days when you’re completely down and out, she will remind you how much you’re worth because you are the most important part of her life.

dog missing you

7. …which makes her the most loyal companion you will ever meet. 

There is heartbreak everywhere: shattered relationships, divorces, betrayals, and arguments. But your dog will always want you and only you, no matter how many years you’re together. This is one relationship you can feel 100% secure about!

dog loyal

8. Every season is fresh and exciting in the eyes of your dog, and you start to see the world from his perspective. 

When your dog bounds outside during that first snowfall, or on that first spring day when the flowers start to bloom, his joy is absolutely contagious. He experiences life like a small child full of curiosity, eagerness, and wonder… and you begin to feel that same way, too.

dog snowflakes

9. And you inevitably become more of an–er–“outdoors”person.

Sure, you begrudge the days when you take Fifi outside in the freezing rain and she spends a half hour finding the perfect potty place. But those extra doses of fresh air have really done you some good. When you’re out with the pup, you get more vitamin D, spend more time enjoying nature, and become more physically active. All these things add up to a happier, healthier life for you and your pooch.

dog outdoor person

10. Your dog will never judge you because he doesn’t even know what “being judgmental” means.

Dogs only want to be loved, and when you give them affection, they receive it with an open heart regardless of your past, present, looks, choices, lifestyle–whatever! Tell them all your troubles and they’ll listen with an open (and perhaps lop-sided) ear.

dog and owner

11. Long story short: you’ve given your dog home, but she rescued you from a lackluster life.

Every day, she shows you what it’s really all about: Gratitude, fulfillment, and love.

dog physical activity


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