1-Pound Puppy Is Picked Up And Dropped Mid-Air By Hawk, Lands At Rescuer’s Feet

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Construction workers heard cries near their site in Austin, Texas, when they looked up and saw a tiny puppy fall from the sky. Seconds later, they spotted a hawk flying above and realized the hawk had picked up the puppy and dropped him at their feet from mid-air.

They rushed the one-pound Chihuahua to their local vet, where they found out that he hadn’t even broken any bones from the fall. He has a few puncture wounds on his head and chest from the hawk’s talons, but thankfully they are mild.

Austin Animal Center

From there, the seven-week-old puppy who is now named Tony Hawk, was brought to Austin Animal Center, where they deemed him a “miracle puppy.”

He is now healing in a foster home for the next few weeks until he’s ready to be put up for adoption. His foster mom, Renee Keyes, is helping him feel comfortable, socializing him, and showing him love.

Austin Animal Center via Yahoo

The rescue posted Tony Hawk’s story on their Facebook page saying “Let Miracle Puppy’s story be a reminder to protect your small pets from wildlife!”It is not uncommon for hawks like this one, as well as owls and coyotes, to snatch up small pets from yards.

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